Web Development, Mobile & Web Applications

Web Development

[Offering Web Development and Design for Small Businesses]

Offering Affordable Website Design for Small & Medium Businesses

We offer affordable plans for Small & Medium Businesses. Every business is unique and we understand that. With the ability to properly development a website that is unique to your business specifically. Our web development team has years of experience behind them and are here to create a specialized web presence for each client.

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Web-based Applications

[Web-based Applications for your Business]

Development of a Web-based Application geared towards your Businesses needs

Every business has it's needs, as when it comes to specialized applications you may not want to work with just one platform. We specialize in Web-based Applications that can assist your business in multiple ways. From a basic inventory application a time-clock application to a specialized bridge between your POS-System and your Ordering Application, we are here for you.

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Mobile Websites

[Mobile Website development and design]

Your business has the right to reach every possible consumer

Following the recent trends, Mobile Web Browsing is now something that most Americans enjoy at home, on the road, in a business meeting ... well, just about anywhere. That's the beautiful concept behind a Mobile website; your clients are able to view your Website and business information for anywhere.

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Mobile Applications

[Android or iOS Application Development]

Customized Android or iOS Applications

If a Mobile Website just is not going to cut it for your business, we offered simple solutions for developing and publishing a customized Mobile Applications. Get your business in the Google Android Market or the Apple Store. The same concept as a Web-based Application, your Mobile Application can be geared at in-store functionality or to promote and represent your product. A Mobile Application takes advantage of either the Android Platform or the iOS Platform to bring a feature rich-experience to your clients or staff.

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SEO & Social Marketing

[Effective SEO and Social Marketing Campaigns]

Promote your business online where it needs to be promoted

Search Engine Optimization should be a major focus for your website, old or new. We offer the ability to promote your website with the major search engines as well as all major social networking sites. We can create an affordable online marketing campaign that will improve your business websites chances of success.

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Printable Press Material

[Printable Press Marterial for your Business]

Your web-based needs maybe as simple as obtaining effective Press Material

As a small business you may have already aquired your website and may not yet have a need for a web-based or mobile application. We understand that. We do offer generalized programming and coding as well as Print and Press Materials for your business. We design & you print. Code Clarity™ makes the process as simple as possible. From professional Press Releases to a Press Package that includes; Fliers, Brochures and Business Cards. We provide professional services that will be affordable to a small business. Need a logo or would you just like to revise your current look? We are here for you.

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